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The Early Days

Since 1985 Richard Jarel has been providing clients with creative design, prototype development, engineering and fabrication services as an independent professional. Over 30 years ago, he began exploring manned flight, creating and flying his designs as early as 1973. Later, from the mid 80’s through the mid 90’s Jarel developed UAV airframes, fabricating RC model kits and toy prototypes until entering into the motion picture special effects industry. In 2000, Jarel began designing, fabricating and installing kinetic public art and corporate exhibit displays. From the beginning and throughout his almost 25 year career as a professional artist, designer and engineer, Jarel has provided in-house fabrication of one-off designs and produced limited editions (specializing in composite structures, plastics, mold making, thermo-forming, pressure casting and composite vacuum bagging as well as providing machine shop, sheet metal and welding services).

Jarel slope flying in Southern California, 1973

Jarel, slope soaring in southern California in 1973.

Movie Special Effects Model

Jarel's building "Implosion" special effect for Robert Englund's "Killer Pad" motion picture.

The 5th Element flying police car

The 5th Element flying police car special effects model.

Star Trek Helmet, on movie set

Special effect helmets and props for Star Trek IX "Insurrection" motion picture

Shogun Slope glider

Advertising promo for JADE's original Shogun.

Motorcycle (Side)

Some of Jarel's creations can only be appreciated when compared in context to something as small as a coin.

Deep Sea Camera

Some of Jarel's creations are demanding like this underwater camera housing which was designed to withstand thousands of pounds of pressure in harsh conditions.

Remote text reading device

This device incorporates a remote receiving texting device.

Dream Cycles Kinetic Sculpture

This kinetic public sculpture installation resides outside Ashland's ScienceWorks hands-on children's museum.

Jarel_12_ Connan Skull Robot

Jarel designed and fabricated this mechanical robot to withstand the harsh conditions of repeated submersal into water over the course of filming a televisions series for several seasons.

Telos flying ins South Africa

Back to his roots, Richard Jarel's classic Telos flies over the skies of South Africa in 2009

Jarel logoTraveling to Hong Kong and Schengen, China working directly with overseas manufacturers as well as collaborating side-by-side with government officials, art commissions, architects and city planners Jarel has refined his communication skills and ability to provide clients with real time information and clearly understandable updates regarding the development of their projects.

Working extensively in the deadline based entertainment industry (specializing in creating electro-mechanical and lighting special effects props including robotic creatures, action props and vehicles for film and television), Jarel has also become well known world-wide for his diverse development disciplines and ingenuous solutions forging lasting professional relationships with many of his clients.

Partial Client List

Buena Vista Television

California Music Theater  (Stage)

20th Century Fox (Television & Film)

The Headblade Company (Industrial Design)

Mattel, Inc. (Industrial Design)

MCA Entertainment (Television)

Moore Rubel Yudell (Architectural Design)

Northrop/Grumman (Aerospace Design)

Paramount Pictures (Television & Film)

Studios USA (Television)

The City of Medford, OR (Public Art)

The City of Long Beach, CA  (Architecture)

Universal Studios (Television)

Walt Disney Company (Television & Film)

Warner Bros. Television

Partial Film & Television Credits

Babes in Toyland / Stage

Beloved / Film

Chicago Hope / Television

Conan the Barbarian / Television

The Fifth Element / Film

Jingle All the Way / Film

Jungle Book II: Mowgli’s Story / Film

A Kid In Aladdin’s Palace / Film

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers / Film

The Specials / Film

Star Trek IX, Insurrection / Film

Partial Awards, Showings and Placements

Installation: Rogue Valley Airport (2009)

Showing: Rogue Gallery: Invitational (2008)

Installation: Medford Civic Center (2007)

Showing: Art in Bloom Festival (2007)

Showing: A Taste of Ashland  (2007, 2006)

Installation: ScienceWorks Museum, (2005)

Placement: N.Y. Museum of Modern Art (2005)

Time Magazine top 10-product design (2000)

Business Week IDSA Silver Medal (1999)

Grand Sweepstakes design: MDR parade (1997)

Promax Award (1997, 1996, 1995)

IHPVA World Land Speed Record (1993)

1st Place, IHPVA Design Award (1992)

1st Place Design Award, IMS (1990)


Model Airplane News

Model Builder

Flying Models

Slope Soaring News

Model Aviation

Industrial Design Magazine

“Design Secrets” IDSA winners (Book)

Time Magazine

Entertainment Weekly


Business Week



Los Angeles Times

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Models

Locals Guide (Cover photo/Feature article)



Architectural Models:

Moore Rubble Yudell: Metropolitan Opera House of Shanghai, University of Maryland’s Center for the Performing Arts: (Contract winning model featured in Architectural Digest)

City of Long Beach, CA: Queen’s Way Bay Master Plan (Architectural model)


Warner Brothers Television: The Ellen Degeneres Show

Fox Television: “24” with Kiefer Sutherland

Studios USA: “Crossing Over” with John Edwards, “Xena, Warrior Princess”,  “Arrest & Trial”

Paramount Pictures: “Clueless”, Sister~Sister”, “Frasier”, “Real TV”, “Entertainment Tonight”

Buena Vista Television: “The Danny Show”

MCA/Universal Television: “Team Knight Rider”, New York Undercover”

Burman Studios: “Chicago Hope”

Industrial Design

The Headblade Company: Co-designer/engineer of award winning shaver.

Mattel: (Toy design and prototype development): Batman, Superman, Masters of the Universe, Max Steel, Justice League, Speed Racer, Disney/ Pixel’s Cars & Toy Story III, DC Comics, Barbie, Polly Pockets with numerous product designs and prototypes developed over 15 years, for each account.

Playmate Toys: (Toy design and prototype development): “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”, “Wildcats”

Wild Planet Toys: (Industrial design, prototype development): “Spy Gear” line of educational and action toys.

Jakk’s Pacific: (Toy design and prototype development) “Pokemon” and other lines of interactive toys.

Hasbro: (Industrial design): Transformers


The Disney Company: Full size vehicle components for theme park ride commercial.


AST Computers: Exhibit Display

Universal Studios Television: NATPE Exhibit display.

ScienceWorks Museum: Functional, interactive science exhibits design and fabrication.

Best of Show/People’s Choice: Medford City public smudge pot art (2007).

Television news coverage and in depth interview on ABC, CBS and NBC affiliates.

Jefferson Public Radio interview regarding public arts.

A Prototype Wizard

Working as a creative professional for over twenty years Jarel truly loves what he does. (Ask his repeat clients who keep coming back for more!) He is an intuitive, understanding and patient team player… able to lead, follow and adapt. Need a talking turtle? A Flying horse? A super hero that really is super? A true facilitator, Jarel welcomes budgetary and scheduling constraints as creative motivators while delivering projects that exceed his client’s expectations time after time while firmly believing (and delivering) the realistic use of the word: “Yes”!

JADE (Jarel Aircraft Design & Engineering)

After a lifetime of being absorbed with flying beginning with winning the "Future Scientists of America" award in the 2nd grade (competing in against 6th graders in1962 in the same scholarship contest featured in the movie: "October Sky") Jarel went on to building and flying three, man-carrying ultralight gliders as well as hundreds of flying models, before establishing “JADE” (Jarel Aircraft Design & Engineering) in the mid 1980's..

His first commercial project was the Telos, a revolutionary radio controlled, high performance canard slope glider. The Telos introduced many “firsts” (for a commercially available kit), introducing the use of carbon fiber, Kevlar, 45 degree biased composite fabric and many other features in the first commercially available slope canard. Media coverage was overwhelming on an international scale. The price however kept production limited in scope.

Jarel’s next design was the Shogun. Applying his design skills to create a design as striking as the Telos yet affordable, Richard turned to thermoforming technology to create the main components for this unique aerobatic ship winning the first place design award at the 1990 International Model Show. With a much more affordable price, this kit sold world wide in much larger numbers.

Having hit his mark, Jarel went on to design and produce the Impulse kit, which also became a hit, with owners world wide, treasuring the aircraft and it’s phenomenal flight envelope 20 years later. A cross between an ARF (almost ready to fly) and a kit, the Impulse revealed Jarel’s attention to detail with engineered features that were way ahead of its time.

Films and Special Effects

In 1993 (after working with director Brad Bluth and creating several robotic creatures), Jarel was brought on to help create the costumes and helmets for the original Power Rangers film. Later, he went on to create additional robotic creatures for director Jonathan Demme (Silence of the Lambs), as well as other props and special effect models for such films as The 5th Element, Jungle Book II, The Specials, Killer Pad, Jingle All the Way, Beloved, A kid in Aladdin’s Palace and Star Trek IX.

This work intrigued Jarel with its tight deadlines and almost impossible goals. Always up for a challenge he diverted his energy away from producing RC aircraft kits. Several major motion picture studios and television production companies took notice of his work and he went on to contribute to television shows like “24”, “Xena, Warrior Princess”, “Sister Sister”, “Frazier”, “Team Knightrider”, “Chicago Hope” and many others.

Industrial Design and the Toy Industry

During this time Jarel also produced several projects and prototypes for companies like NordicTrack, Kenwood, Playmate Toys, Northrop/Grumman and other major companies. His work also included a key role in developing and fabricating a world land speed record vehicle. One project Jarel was instrumental in creating was the Headblade, winning the Business Week IDSA Silver Medal for 1999, the Time Magazine top 10-product design award for 2000 and earning a permanent installation in the New York Museum of Modern Art. One industry however, continued to draw his attention: The Toy Industry… But first, there was a major shift in the works!

Fine Art and a Move to Oregon

In 1999, Richard decided to close down his 3,500+sq ft shop & studio, moving out of the Los Angeles metropolitan area and into the small art community of Ashland, Oregon. Inspired by the energy of the tiny art based town surrounded by forested mountains, lakes and rivers (home of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival), Jarel began applying his talents to creating kinetic sculptures.

Toys of a sort, designed to delight the senses while often masking their ingenious aerodynamic and mechanical engineering, Jarel was well received with several invitations by art galleries to display his works. The application of his aerodynamic and mechanical engineering skills coupled with his unique and diverse design styling resulted in multiple invitations to display his work at the "Taste of Ashland" and Medford's "Art in Bloom" which led to several awards and public art installations including two at the entrance to the ScienceWorks Museum in Ashland and his “Salmon Flight” sculpture in the city of Medford's civic center.

A Return to Roots

In the middle of his kinetic art and prototype work, Jarel found himself drawn more and more to creating toys for such companies as Mattel, Playmate Toys, Jakk’s Pacific and Wild Planet. The diversity of these projects broadened his application of the skills he had accumulated over his lifetime (especially those developed in the motion picture special effects industry), which led him back to his roots and his joy with the development of the radio controlled flying Superman he created for Mattel.

The Return of Jarel Aircraft Design

In 2008, (by public request), Jarel brought back the original JADE Telos canard in a signed, limited edition run. This led him to create the Crossbow, the ICON, the DaVinci and several unique helicopter bodies. Because of the growth and popularity of his work, in the fall of 2009, Jarel (with the help of his good friend and computer wizard Shields Bialasik) Jarel created a new website www.jarelaircraftdesign.com to showcase the work of Jarel Aircraft Design. Beginning where he left off over 20 years prior, Jarel has cleared a storeroom of revolutionary designs, prototypes and projects, some of which are now nearing completion.

This website will be updated regularly as new projects become available. We welcome your feedback and invite you to come back and visit again. We also invite you to visit our parent company website: www.jareldesign.com to explore some of Richard's other works.