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All composite canard slope racer

All composite (Carbon Fiber/Kevlar...Pre-Telos), 60" canard slope racer

Shogun at Point Fermin California

A single Shogun stalks the sky searching for prey.


The original JADE Shogun.

PowerRanger helment devlopment of the motion picture

Jarel's work on the Power Ranger helmets.

Flying police car model for The 5th Element motion picture

Flying police car model for The 5th Element motion picture featured working lights, moving protective windshield grill and other effects.


Early toy prototypes included work on the "Transformers" line of toys. This one stands less than 3" tall.

Masters of the Universe, toy prototype

Later work included developing several vehicle prototypes for the "Masters of the Universe" line of toys.

Nasal enhancer

Radio controlled special effects prop for the movie "The Specials". Features included movable aluminum handles, servo activated top flippers (shown closed), internal lighting and sound effects.

Barbie Digital Camera

Early prototype involving digital photo electronics designed to withstand the harsh conditions of becoming a child's toy.

transmitter prototype with electronics

Text transmitter housing prototype in it's early stages of development.

transmitter prototype completed

Completed prototype as it would appear ready for market.