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Crossbow Electric

UPDATE! Due to health reasons, I have sold the rights and all production tooling for both the Telos and Crossbow kits to Michael Georgia in Southern California. I offered this package for sale on RcGroups and he was the only one willing to visit my Oregon shop to review production techniques. He stayed with us for almost a week where we layed up several fuselages and I instructed him on the many details I've used over the years like laying the glass at a 45 degree angle (triangulation for strength, and surface finish techniques. We also went over vacuum forming and feather cut foam wing cutting processes. I was impressed with his skills and attention to detail and his eagerness to reproduce the quality kits you have become used to from me. He can be reached at: mike@rototillerguy.com.


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(CROSSBOW) Describes development of kit.

Here is the most recent video of the Elctric Crossbow flying with a $20 motor and a TP 3S 1900mah LiPo pack:

Electric Kit Contents

Kit COntents: Epoxy, Carbon fiber reinforced composite fuselage, plastic molded removable cowl, foam cores, hardwood leading edges, plastic molded wing tips, Carbon fiber, brass and aircraft plywood full flying stab materials.

Below is a video of the original maiden flight of the Crossbow electric prototype. It flew right off the drawing board using only a 2217/7 motor and a 3S 1300mah battery pack.

Crossbow Electric Maiden flight (Production build) from Jarel Design on Vimeo.


The specifications below were taken from the prototype flown in the video. (The smaller 1300mah battery was used.)
Wingspan:   51"

Area:   360 sq.in. (2.5sq.ft.)

Weight:   29.5 oz. (1300mah) 32 oz. (1900mah

Loading:   11.8 oz./sq.ft.  13 oz./sq.ft.

Motor:   Suppo BL-2217/7

Battery- 1300mah-2200mah 3-S Lithium Polymer

Prop:   8X6 Graupner folding CAM

Spinner: 36mm Aluminum Turbo

Price & availability: Contact Michael Georgia at: mike@rototillerguy.com

For ordering, kit contents and more information, please contact Michael Georgia directly at mike@rototiollerguy.com or visit www.rcgroups.com to learn more.

Electric portrait

Electric Crossbow

Crossbows at Davenport

A pair of Crossbows recently flown at the famous Davenport coastal bluffs in northern California.


Crossbow fuselages await packaging behind electric prototype.

Electric nose with built-in motor mount, cowl and cowl mount lip

Electric nose with built-in motor mount, cowl and cowl mount lip.


Close up of nose, removable canopy and cowl.

Full Flying Stab

Removable full flying stab provides easy, flat storage adn transport.

Jarel with Crossbow

Designer Richard Jarel, with Crossbow electric at popular Santa Barbara slope site in California