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DaVinci 1.5 Electric Sailplane

DaVinci 1.5 electric page is under construction.

The DaVinci 1.5 meter (60") was designed to accept both polyhedral and flat, aileron wings covering the preferences of the thermal floater to hot liner. Designed to fit motors up to a brushless 2217/6 and 3 cell 1900mah Lithium Polymer battery packs for unlimited vertical hotliner performance.

The DaVinci 1.5 electric sailplane has also been flown with a Brushless 2308/14 and a 2 cell 800mah Lithium Polymer enabling it to gain altitude in the lightest of thermals.

The feather cut, foam wing kit is available for $69.95

Building instructions are posted at:  http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1137256&highlight=DaVinci

The fuselage only kit is available for $39.95 .

We're still working on a laser cut, wood built up, polyhedral wing kit at this time, but printed rib templates are also available at www.rcgroups.com


If you break or render the plastic parts unusable for ANY reason (It doesn't matter if you build it wrong, slam the car door on it in your excitement to fly or crash into a brick wall. Even if the dog chews it up!) Return the plastic parts in the original box and we will replace them for $10!

Fuselage kits with plans and instructions (soon to be posted as a build thread on www.rcgroups.com) should be available early November.

You can contact us directly to get on the waiting list. Meanwhile, here are a few sneak peeks at the production (proof of tooling) prototypes:


DaVinci 1.5 Meter (60") electric sailplane.

Davinci Nose

DaVinci nose, showing removable cowl and canopy.


Carbon fiber can be easily substituted for the supplied aluminum boom.

Built in servo tray and canopy recess molding

A close up of the molded in motor mount, cowl receiving lip, canopy mount and molded in servo/radio tray. Everything has been thought out and built in!

3-S 1900ma LiPo pack in fuselage

Anything from an 800mah 2S LiPo to this huge 3S, 25C 1900mah LiPo will fit in the DaVinci. It just depends on what you want to do with it... Vertical pocket rocket? How about a nice thermal floater? DaVinci provides you with a choice!

Fuselage shells with internal frame

As a Slope sailplane, the boom (carbon or aluminum as shown) can extend all the way to the leading edge providing an incredible amount of strength. The two rear formers provide a lot of rigidity as well as durability. All the formers provide a built in jig to keep the fuselage straight when assemblying.

Thermoformed plastic components

The molded plastic parts as they come from the box. Guarantee: If you break the plastic parts for ANY reason, send them back in the original box and we will replace them for $10 (plus shipping)!

Polyhedral and aileron wing variations

The hotliner aileron wing with larger motor and the polyhedral thermal floater using an 800mah 2S pack... both ready to go. Below: the fuselage ready for your wing!