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DaVinci 1.5 Sailplane

DaVinci 1.5 sailplane page is under construction.

Currently in the tooling stages, the DaVinci 1.5 sailplanes have only flown in their electric configuration. Even with the extra weight, both perform brilliantly! The main difference between the sailplane and the electric version is that instead of a motor mount, there will be a molded battery box extending from the motor mount line. From this point forward, an elastomer, self skinning foam nose cone will replace the cowl creating both a beautiful single piece nose and a protective device for the plane, permitting head on collisions to occur with little to no damage of any kind!

The fuselage kit (including choice of an aluminum boom should be available late November with an introductory price of $39.95). The deluxe kit (available some time later this year) will include either the foam cut wing or laser cut wood polyhedral wing kit with a targe price of $59.95 to $69.95.

If you'd like to get on the waiting list, please feel free to contact us directly here on this website.

Sailplane drawing

DaVinci sailplane will feature a self skiining foam nose cone that wraps around the molded in battery box. This will insure proper CG without adding weight and protect the fuselage in the event of catasrtrophic contact with the ground.

Early prototype

Early prototype (even without flush canopy) show clean lines. Although the electric version is shown here, the sailplane version will look even sleeker, replacing the spinner shown here with a continuation of the sleek, downward sloping fueslage styling.

Electric aileron wing variation

With the exception of the aluminum spinner on this DaVinci, this ship displays its potential as a high performance slope ship.

Close up of early prototype nose

Close up of nose on early prototype. Replace the spinner and bring the canopy flsuh to the fuselage and you have the DaVinci 1.5 sailplane.

Fuselage shells with internal frame

In the saiplane configuration, the forward bulkhead can be used to strengthen the fuselage even further by bringing the boom forward to the forward bulkhead.

Thermoformed plastic components

The DaVinci 1.5 plastic molded parts. A simple (Easy to make) trim tool scribes the parts so that trimming can be done in less than 30 minutes!

Polyhedral and aileron wing variations

Slope or theramal... It's your choice!