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EyePod Turret Camera Mount

The EyePod camera mount is intended for use with the popular key chain cameras. It's designed to provide a flexible, secure way of mounting your camera while allowing a manually positionable turret to swing 360 degrees laterally and over 180 degrees vertically.

Here's a few photographs of ideas to show how you can use your EyePod camera mount to fix your camera to rc planes.

The applications are endless though: Run it up the mast on your sailboat, mount it under an RC helicopter, how about your dog's collar? You can mount it on a pole to see over high objects or slip it under your house to view plumbing problems...  If you can think of an application, chances are, the EyePod camera mount can provide the solution.

Below are a few in-flight videos created using EyePod mounts as you see them in the photographs to the left.


Price for each EyePod style is $9.95 plus $8.50 S&H (within the continental USA) (We can fit two of the SAME style in one box so you can save shipping costs on your second EyePod.

To place an order, please use the form on  the "contact" page of this site.

To learn more about the various EyePod camera mounts, visit these links at www.rcgroups.com