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Helicopter Bodies

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Jarel Aircraft Design also works with rotor aircraft (helicopters, coaxials and gyro copters). One of our first offerings will be a line of unique helicopter bodies (see concept sketch page for more designs). These particular line of bodies was designed to fit the Blade CX  and V-2.V-3 line of coaxial airframes. One of the main features of this craft is the bolt on landing gear system that replaces the stock one supplied with each helicopter. This module will be a simple four screw installation and will provide a shock absorbing system so that even the beginner will have no problems surviving even the harshest landings. Replaceable carbon fiber tubes extend outward to self skinning  foam landing gear. If you would like to be added to the waiting list please contact us directly.

We've posted some development photos here. The final models will include pilot/cockpit detailing as well as clear canopies.

Below is video of the first successful proof of concept flying prototype. The flying was to test extreme altitude changes (up and down),turns, directional stability, weight carrying ability as well as maneuverability. (Note: The airframe used was entirely stock using the original brushed motors and 800mah Lithium Polymer battery pack.


Unlike most aftermarket helicopter bodies, We developed a special mold that allows for a single vacuum pull with all the undercuts you see here. with the exception of the two engine intake scoops, ther is no assembly required!

Coaxial Helicopter Body, 1

An early concept sketch. More of the intricate detailing will be worked into the final tooling although changes were made to accomodate a higher performance envelope.

Military, 1

This view shows the tight undercut capabilities created by the development of our special molding process. Note that there is no center seam as would normally be found in other bodies.

Military, 3

In this top view the lack of a center (joining/glue) seam is clearly seen. Smooth, one piece body, without the need for fitting, gluing or bonding.


This view shows the new design's sleek aerodynamic look and one-piece molded in undercuts.