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The ICON was designed to be an easy to fly, electric parkflier capable of being flown in the smallest of areas while still enabling the pilot to freely push the aerobatic envelope. Below is a video of a stock built ICON built per instructions, using only a $15 motor/ESC combo and a 2-S 800mah battery pack. In the first part of the video, the ICON is being flown at half throttle (including launch), later, it's stepped up a bit and played with. The audio does not match the video near the end as you hear the motor still revved up while you watch the ICON slow down for a soft landing.

ICON electric RC plane by Jarel Aircraft Design from Jarel Design on Vimeo.

Specifications: (as flown in the video)

Wing Span: 35.5”

Area: 237.6 sq/in (1.65 sq/ft)

AUW : 11.5oz

Wing Loading: 6.9oz/sq/ft

Length: 24.5”

Prop: GWS EP-7060

Here's a video of the same ICON set up with fixed landing gear. (Changes the entire experience for those who love "touch & Gos"!

This kit is in stock and available for $49.95 To place an order, please contact us here at this website.



ICON painted with decals

ICON prototype painted and detailed, ready to fly

ICON fuselage shell

ICON molded fuselage shell, cockpit/pilot and clear molded canopy

ICON, Stock build

ICON built per instructions, unpainted showing molded plastic components

Magnetic rear hatch latch

Close up of removable cockpit/canopy access hatch and electronics ready to fly

Kit Contents

Kit contents, out of the box.

ICON ATF Pusher Jet

ATF styled pusher jet. One of many variable build possibilities using stock kit

For more information and to view the photo-documented building instructions for the ICON, visit these links at www.rcgroups.com

Stock (Twin Boom):



Flying Wing:




ICON kit transformed into a Delta Flying Wing.

ICON kit transformed into a Canard pusher