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ICON flying wing

The ICON kit provides the builder with several building options including a flying wing! Instructions for building the flying wing version of your ICON is available at: http://www.rcgroups.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1058352&highlight=ICON

For more information please visit our other threads at www.rcgroups.com

The ICON flying wing was designed to be a little faster and a little more maneuverable than the stock ICON (By virtue of its lighter weight to power ratio). Both are equally stable and easy to fly instilling a confidence in the pilot that invites flying low and pushing the envelope.

Below is a video of the ICON flying wing, demonstrating it's slow flight capabilities as well as its powerful climbing abilities. Unlike many planes who's manufactures claim "slow" flight, the ICON can actually fly slowly and does not require the high power to weight ratio required to "hang on the prop" in order to stay airborne while moving forward slowly. Some of this slow flying was done at 1/3 throttle. The plane you see here was built stock using  only a $15 motor/ESC combo and a 2-S 800mah battery pack.

ICON Flying wing variant from Jarel Design on Vimeo.

Specifications: (As flown in the video)

Wing Span: 36”

Area: 247.25sq/in (1.7 sq/ft)

AUW: 10.5oz

Wing Loading: 6.1oz/sq/ft

Length: 17.75

Prop: GWS EP-7060

This kit is currently in stock and available for $39.95. To place an order, please contact us directly here at this site.

ICON Flying Wing

ICON flying wing built from stock ICON kit showing plastic molded components.

ICON fuselage shell

Molded ICON fuselage shell, cockpit and clear canopy.

flying wing, side view

ICON flying wing side view showing white molded plastic components.

Kit Contents

ICON kit contents as they come out of the box.

Magnetic rear hatch latch

Close up of comleted ICON showing removable cockpit/pilot/clear canopy hatch

ICON Delta

ICON delta flying wing variation buildable from original ICON kit.