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Micro Scale Ryan ST

This model is our first scale kit. Contents include plastic molded  fusealge top and bottom along with molded removable cowl and wheel pants. This kit also includes Depron foam for flying surfaces and full size plans and patterns to complete the kit.



JADE Ryan ST micro specifications and info:

Wingspan: 19.5”

Flying weight: 59 grams (This is ready to fly with a 1S-120mah to 160mah LiPo battery. This weight includes LOTS of paint and decals and is the plane flown in the video.) The unpainted prototype weighed 40 grams and was incredibly aerobatic with great vertical climb.


Gear: AR6400 Spectrum receiver brick with linear servos or other micro receiver and 2.5gram servos. Power system is from the PZ P-51 micro or Sukhoi XP with 130 X 70 or GWS EP-5030 props

Main Wheels: Du-Bro 1” foam light

Main Landing gear wire: .049”

Tail Wheel: Du-Bro 3/8” micro tail wheel

Tail Wheel Wire: .020”

Push rods: .020” CF or wire

Z-bend push rod tips: .015”

Aileron control wires: .020”

Aileron bell crank: Stock PZ from micro P51

CG: 1.025” from LE  (1 1/64”)

Dihedral: 1/4” – 3/8” up on both tips

Control Surface Throws:

Aileron: 1/4” – 3/8” Up and down

Elevator: 1/4” – 5/16” Up and down

Rudder: 5/16” – 3/8” Right and left


Price: $39.95 Plus $12 S&H (Within the continental USA)

A lot of small details have been molded into this kit including panel lines, rivets, cockpit combings, oil and gas cap, air intakes and exhaust stack exit to help you produce a really great looking model worthy of static display in your home or office.

There is a fuselage replacement plan that comes with your purchase: If you decide that for ANY REASON (Crash damage, built it wrong, painted it wrong, the dog ate it etc…), send back the plastic parts in the original box and we’ll replace it for $10 plus S&H!


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