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Telos Slope Canard

9/19/2016 UPDATE! Due to health reasons, I have sold the rights and all production tooling for both the Telos and Crossbow kits to Michael Georgia in Southern California. I offered this package for sale on RcGroups and he was the only one willing to visit my Oregon shop to review production techniques. He stayed with us for almost a week where we layed up several fuselages and I instructed him on the many details I've used over the years like laying the glass at a 45 degree angle (triangulation for strength, and surface finish techniques. We also went over vacuum forming and feather cut foam wing cutting processes. I was impressed with his skills and attention to detail and his eagerness to reproduce the quality kits you have become used to from me. He can be reached at: mike@rototillerguy.com.
I know there are quite a few of you who have contacted me to purchase these kits whom I never replied: I'm sorry for that. I know Mike's enthusiasm will result in more immediate responses with higher rates of kit availability. His contact info is below.
Telos is a modern slope glider designed in canard configuration. Almost impossible to stall, capable of vertical descents in any wind with full aileron control, Telos is capable of very wide speed envelope from standing still in light breezes to a full blown pocket rocket when ballasted.
The Telos kit comes with a hand laid composite fusealge incorporating 3 separate layers of glass and a stringer of Carbon Fiber along it's sides. Pre-shaped round leading edges accompany the two set of feather cut Canard and Main wing foam cores cut from pink Dow/Corning foam. Four plastic molded wing tips for canard and main wing are included as is a clear molded canopy. Two sheets of full size plans accompany this kit.
Main wing span:   52"
Canard wing span:   24"
Area:   441"
Weight:   280z. ( full size radio gear)
Loading:   9oz./sq.ft.
Price and availability: Contact Michael Georgia at: mike@rototillerguy.com) Contact him for availability.

Kit Contents

Telos Kit in the Box.

Epoxy Carbon Fiber Composite Fuselage is Hand Laid in Metal Molds.

Canard and Main Wing Foam Cores.


























Telos,1 photo courtesy of


Original Telos prototype built in 1986


Below are two videos of the same Telos being flown at the same site in Spain but with two very different styles of flying.  The first is pretty laid back. In the second video the pilot lets loose. Watch closely as the Telos retains its speed through repeated "S" turns while leaving others behind.

Below is a classic video of the original maiden flight of the Telos at Hughes Hill in Southern California over 25 years ago.

Telos, 2 photo courtesy of

Classic Telos slope canard flying is South Africa.

Telos Slope Canard