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Underwater camera, open

Underwater Camera Housing, Open

Underwater camera, closed

Underwater Camera Housing, Closed

As early as 1993, Jarel Design (Parent company for Jarel Aircraft Design) has been developing prototypes involving optics and movement. From underwater, deep-sea diving camera housings and toy digital cameras to aerial photography platforms, Jarel Aircraft Design has had a hand in creating, developing and ultimately delivering the most innovative solutions to some of the most demanding of challenges.

Working with Clients like Northrop/Grumman, Mattel Inc., Wild Planet and EP Industries, Jarel Aircraft Design has been instrumental in creating components and housings as well as developing complete airframes for UAV applications and aerial photography. With years of extensive first hand experience working in and with manufacturers in China as well as domestic vendors, Jarel Aircraft Design has accumulated a wealth of resources and knowledge that has been applied towards developing a wide range of airframe designs since 1986.

UAV, Phase 1

UAV, Aerial Platform, Early Concept Sketch

In 2008, Jarel Aircraft Design began applying over 20 years of design, engineering, consumer prototyping and RC airframe development to developing an inexpensive, versatile, off-the shelf UAV, aerial photography platform.

Our unique design incorporates a multitude of features including easy in field set up and breakdown for ease of transport including a variety of plug-in wings allowing for mission specific flight characteristics. Plug-in ROG, launch and recovery capabilities allowing for use in a variety of locations.

Adaptable for a wide range of use, ranging from recreational/consumer to commercial and military, our UAV project will be the first of several new mission-specific designed airframes to emerge from our facilities.

Below are photos of an early, smaller proof of concept flying prototype to test stability. This prototype flew unattended (without gyros or other autonomous control input), for 7 minutes, only drifting out of view as a result of wind. The next (larger scale), prototype is being fabricated using molded components as they will be created during production. These components facilitate some of the unique in-field modifications, easy assembly, take down and transport. Updates about this exciting new project will be posted here as we continue to refine and finalize the tooling used to create this innovative new airframe.

For more information you can contact us here directly or to learn more about our parent company (Jarel Design), please visit us at: www.jareldesign.com

AP, Unplugged, disassembled, ready for transport

Early UAV/AP proof of concept prototype, disassembled for transport

AP, Wings plugged, in assembled ready to fly

UAV/AP early proof of concept prototype assembled, ready to fly.