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Concept Sketches

As a professional illustrator, Jarel worked for a variety of firms including a couple of years in advertising where he learned from an art director that in fact, although he was an exceptional illustrator, he was in reality a sculptor! Disbelieving this opinion (having never sculpted anything before of any significance), he went home and "played" with some clay where he produced some pieces that remain in his portfolio today.

The advice he was given included noting that his drawings were "real", correct in every way, conforming to form and structure, providing Jarel a position to not only draw "concept sketches", but sketches that (in his mind) have already been built, taking into account, physics, structural engineering and scale.

There are many concepts that have been built for clients that we are not at liberty to share here due to confidentiality contracts, but the few here that we can share will give you a view at a most creative mind at work.

More of Jarel's design work can be seen at:  www.jareldesign.com


Control Drawing, with color concept for DragonflEye Micro. Video and photos of the prototype can be seen elswere on this site.

Ground Vehicle Concept

Jarel not only designs aircraft. This high performance ground vehicle combines the excitement of sitting in a jet cockpit with fuel efficiency. Given enough time, Jarel has plans to build this two seat vehicle.

Sky-cycles concept #2

Working with lightweight, self skinning elastomer foam, Jarel conceived a line of RC models based on "flying motorcycle" type vehicles he calls: "Sky-Cycles".

Sky-cycles concept #1

Another "Sky-Cycle" concept: This time a twin motor. Combining the thrill of motorcycle riding with flying...

Canard concept drawing

Early (1987) concept sketch for electric, all composite/hollow molded) pusher canard.

ICON Pusher Jet

Another variation on the ICON kit currently available, this pusher jet can be built using only materials included in the stock kit.

Coaxial Helicopter Body, 2

Another unusual design slated for use with coaxial helicopter airframes. This design is currently in preliminary tooling development.

Coaxial Helicopter Body, 3

Another helicopter body concept.

ICON Delta

Built from the contents of Jarel's ICON kit. This delta wing is fast and agile. Plans will become available in the near future.

ICON Canard

Another ICON variation. The ICON was designed with modifications by builders in mind hoping to provide to the RC community, the equivalent of a child's constructions set.

Flying Vehicle Concept

Not a lot can be shared about this vehicle at this time other than it is designed to fly!